Welcome to www.moneymuffsrock.com. The official fan site for the band MONEY and the Muffs (formerly the Muff Bros). The rock-solid  music that these two bands delivered still sounds like "NEW ROCK MUSIC" that's as fresh today as it was when being performed for the first time. 
  The band MONEY was spawned from the early 1980s icon the muffs who released a self-titled album(RAINBOW ALBUM). More recently the muffs released END OF THE RAINBOW, featuring previously unreleased material. (The band now uses the name MONEY/muffs to separate themselves from the numerous bands using the name muffs and the name Money.) 

  MONEY quickly became a dominant force on the Midwest rock scene. They opened for acts like Cheap Trick, Billy Squier, Montrose, The Babys, Mitch Ryder, Night Ranger, UFO, The Jags, The Tubes, Head East, Iron Maiden, Michael Stanley Band, Donnie Iris, Utopia, Gamma, Red Ryder, Humble Pie and other 80s bands.
  MONEY produced several albums from 1982 to 1989. The MONEY Trust Me albums were recorded from 1982 to 1983 at JD Blackfoot's Bison/Sisapa recording studios in Columbus. Trust Me 1 was produced by Gary Hedden, chief engineer at Bison. Trust Me 2 was produced  by Joey Molland (Badfinger), who also used the boys on his "After the Pearl" album.  Trust Me 2 was also released in Europe on the EMI Heavy Metal America label. 

The band MONEY recorded more songs in 1987 and 1988 which were released as the "In the Red" CD in 1989. Their most recent work can be found on MONEY KILLS(2010) MONEY Now and Then(2018) and their current release MONEY 2019. This latest release celebrates 40 years of music.
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Trust Me Collection is now available